Opera the best browser to bypass Great Firewall of China

As we all know that, the Great Firewall of Peoples Republic of China has blocked almost everything from your favorite Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more. It really hard when you are at China and can't share your Photos in Facebook, Instagram or else of other your favorite social network.

In China, yes we can say almost everything is blocked. Few months ago, I was in China and I was aware that there is maximum censorship in Internet. I am from Nepal and the Nepal Government has blocked almost of all the Adult sites. They blocked because they thought the Rape Case was due to the Adult sites, which I think is very wrong. So, I used to use HOTSPOT Shield VPN sometimes to unblock the censored content. Thus, I was thinking to use it in China. Though I had this VPN app installed in my mac and my iPhone, I was too not sure whether I can use it or not. I didn't uninstall it and went to China. Thank to the Chinese Government, they allowed us (they didn't checked our electronic devices).

And So I was able to use my favorite social networks in China. Surprisingly, this HOTSPOT Shield VPN which I was using in Nepal, was sending very low traffic in China. I know why... they wanted me to subscribe for the paid service. Yeah, it was their business but I didn't subscribed for the paid service.

I tried for more VPN apps but all were sending same traffic.

Few days ago, I saw an add from Opera (Once it was my favorite mobile browser, the opera mini which I used almost all time before the era of smart phone. Used it with my Nokia, wow it was awesome). I read some reviews of it and found that every people has given their 5 rating. I downloaded it and wow...its VPN is awesome with full traffic.

Therefore, if you are traveling to China, please download the New Opera Browser with VPN, it will help you to bypass China Great Firewall and let you to surf your favorite Social Media. This browser is available for both Smart phone and Computer too.



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