Rafting at Trishuli River, an unforgetable adventure

It was Friday (Sept 20, 2019), weekend in Nepal, I was invited by Mr. Uddhav Kandel, the Managing Director of the Famous Trishuli River Side Resort located about 65 KM west along the Prithivi Highway. It was my third time at the resort but was my first time during Weekend. I reached there around 1 PM riding my Honda XR all alone, which took me about 2 hours to reach the resort.
Its an excitement

I was told that the weekend night at Resort will go wild with Music, Beer and DJ. So, I saw the number of wild party lovers were increasing.

At the noon, Uddhav made a plan to get chilled, drink beer and swim. We were joined by 4 girls (School Teacher from Kathmandu) and went few miles at Hudhi Khola, which is a small town, the entry point of Chepang Heritage Trail Trekking and the extraction junction of Rafting.

AC Deluxe Room with River View
We went to the small rivulet named Hudi Khola to swim. Besides Uddhav, we were not swimmer and it would be dangerous to jump into the Trishuli River. So, Uddhav took us there. We started floating in the river, the water level was around 2 ft, but the current was very high.

After 3 hours, we returned back to the resort, take a rest inside the AC Deluxe Room of the newly constructed RCC Building of the Resort.
Our DJ Sagar
After 7 pm the real party started. The resort was full of 100+ people, our DJ Mr. Sagar was testing his musical instruments. Then he started to rock the floor.  The dance floor was full of music, party lover with beer glass in their hand and shocking this body with the beats of Music. The DJ ended his session at 12 AM but still people were dancing in with the music played from the CD.
I slept around 2 AM and wake up next morning at 10. It was late night party. I enjoyed a lot. It was a great party and great moment.

Though it was Saturday, week holiday, no more official stuffs, I wanted to come back to Kathmandu, Ankit the Sales Manager requested me to go for the Rafting. Well then I changed my clothes, wore the rafting gear, take a seat in the boat. It was so cool when Uddhav Kandel, the MD of the resort came with his rafting gear to become our Guide. Wow, we were very happy to have the one of Best Rafter as our Guide. Before our trip, he explained all the saftey instruction we need to follow.
Uddhav explaining the safety instructions.

Few minutes later, we paddle the boat, we were in the Center of the River. He instructed us where to do forward paddle and backward paddle. The monsoon was not over though, the day was sunny and the river was full of water with lots of high waves. Following the instruction of Uddav, we take the boat to the place of high waves. WOW, it was awesome. He asked us to dive into the river, though I was not a swimmer, I take a dive into the river, my life jacket helped me to float. But still, I was feared from sinking, so asked him to pull me up. We boat for about 2 and half hour which was around 20 KM. Reached our extraction point at Hudi Khola. The water of trishuli river was cold since it came following from the Tibet and Langtang, we swimmed in the warm fresh water of hudi khola, came to to road and then back to resort.


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